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good ol'days
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27 novembre 2006

see my city dead

regardez oban star racer

c'est un panier de plein de bonne chose cette série

rien que le chara design......putain quoi

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badbot a dit…


Robin Hall a dit…

wow, bistro, cool!

J'aime ses pantalons, tres chique!

C'est quoi la serie? En francais? Anime?

bistroboy a dit…

nicolas avec les cheveux long>>merci mec,j'espere que ça roule en deuzieme année bd

Robin>>hoho I thought this show was on air in north america,well it's collaboration between France and Japan,the title is "Oban star Racers"

and here is the fansite

here is a thread on Catsuka forums where some of the creators speak about it(actually you can find some cool ass image board on the last pages)

and here is a topic about some of them speaking about their japan job,how work animation there (pretty interesting)

well it's in french but it's not as hard as it seems

well enjoy!!

casper a dit…

well back at you man. Some very nice work here. great shapes

Monsieur F. a dit…

"srecar rats nabO" si eltit eht ,napaJ dna ecnarF neewteb noitaroballoc s'ti llew ,acirema htron ni ria no saw wohs siht thguoht I ohoh

bistroboy a dit…

casper>>thanks man,you are really amazing,I was really impressed by all your work,really want to see more

and animated stuf

ho yay

that would be great

monsieur F>>c'est nul ce jeu,j'perd tout l'temps